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The BITM Library possesses more than 40,000 books comprising textbooks, reference books, books related to business and management and many more.
To promote learning and encourage students to develop an inclination towards the latest management research, the library has subscribed to 110 journals and magazines comprising international and national editions along with subscriptions to 26 local and national newspapers.
The library has also made arrangements for sharing information and knowledge from several national and international online libraries and databases such as NDL- National Digital Library, EBSCO- EBSCO Management Collection & eBook Business Collection and has online subscriptions and editions to national & international journals of repute. 14 online journals and databases are made available for the students and faculty for study and research.
The library possesses more than 317 CDs related with various subjects like, Psychometric test, IQ Test, ET in Class Room, aptitude test and CDs on Faculty Seminar Series published by Harvard Business School are also available.
The reading room of the BITM library has comfortable chairs and desk facilities affording opportunities for serious research and study along with light reading and general reference with a seating capacity of 120. It possesses a reprographic facility for the students and faculty members. The library is equipped with 10 computer systems with multi-media catering to the e-library and reference needs of its members and visitors.

A.) International Journals
Sr. No. Nomenclature
1 American Scientist
2 Global Telecoms Business
3 Harvard Business Review
4 IEEE Internet Computing
5 IEEE Trans on Mobile Computing
6 Journal of Quality Technology
7 Journal of Telecom Management
8 Journal of Marketing Research
9 Intl Jrnl of Mobile Communications
10 Intl Jrnl of Operations & Quantitative Management
11 Jrnl of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
12 Jrnl of Quality Technology
13 Jrnl of Telecom Management
14 McKinsey Quarterly
15 Mobile Communications Intl
16 Quality Management Jrnl
17 Six Sigma Forum Magazine

B.) National Journals
Sr. No. Nomenclature
1 Abhigyan
2 Asian Jrnl of Management Case
3 Chartered Accountant
4 CSI Communications
5 Economic Challanger
6 Entrepreneur India
7 Finance India
8 Focus -Intl Jrnl of Management Digest
9 Global Jrnl of Flexible Systems Management
10 HRD Newsletter
11 IETE Jrnl of Research
12 IETE Technical Review
13 Indian Economic Review
14 Indian Jrnl of Economics
15 Indian Jrnl Of Economics & Business
16 Indian Jrnl of Finance
17 Indian Jrnl of Industrial Relations
18 Prabandhan-Indian Jrnl of Management
19 Indian Jrnl of Marketing
20 Indian Jrnl of Political Science
21 Indian Jrnl of Training & Development
22 International Taxation
23 JIMS8M The Jrnl of Management & Strategy
24 Jrnl of Accounting & Finance
25 Jrnl of Banking, Information & Technology Management
26 Jrnl of Entreprenuership
27 Jrnl of Human Values
28 Jrnl of Intelligent systems Research
29 Jrnl of South Asian Development
30 Leadership Excellence
31 Magalmay Jrnl of Management & Technology
32 Management & Labour Studies
33 Marketing & Management News
34 Monthly Commentary On Indian Economic Conditions
35 Packaging India
36 Quarterly Economic Reports
37 Sebi & Corporate Law
38 Siddhant - a Jrnl of Decision Making
39 University News
40 World Affairs Jrnl of Intl Issues
41 IIMB Management Review
42 Indian Management
43 Sona - Global Management Review
44 The smart manager
45 Vikalp
46 Vision the journal of Business perspective
47 Vilakshan
48 Secientific Transaction in Environment & Technovation

A.) International Magazines
Sr. No. Nomenclature
2 Data Quest
3 Computer Active
4 Entrepreneur
5 Forbes Asia
6 National Geography
7 PC World
8 Technology Review
9 Telecom Asia
10 The Economist
11 Time

B.) National Magazines
Sr. No. Nomenclature
1 4 Ps Business & Marketing
2 Bio-Spectrum
3 Business Today
4 Business & Economy
5 Business India
6 Business Week
7 Business World
8 Capital Market
9 Case Folio
10 Communication Today
11 Competition Affairs
12 Competition Success Review
13 Digit
14 Electronic for You
15 Frontline
16 IC Chip
17 India Today
18 Lex Witness
19 Management Today
20 My Mobile
21 Out Look
22 Reader Digest
23 Retail Biz
24 Smart Techie
25 Strategic Affairs
27 Telecom Live
28 The CTO Forum
29 Voice & Data
30 Developer IQ
31 PC Quest
32 Telecom Era
33 The Week