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In its effort to honour its commitment to students and uphold the strong tradition of excellence in education, BITM strives hard to engage the services of the cream of teaching talent. Distinguished faculties with years of experience have been carefully selected from the industry; they bring invaluable inputs from the real corporate world for the benefit of the students.

Sl. No Name Sl. No Name
1 Dr. Seema Singh- Zokarkar 1 Professor Col. Bharat Jhingon
2 Dr. V.P. Sharma 2 Professor Anand Prakash
3 Dr. A.P. Ghosh 3 Professor Ruchi Parmar
4 Professor C. Y. Nimkar 4 Professor Priyanka Maratha
5 Dr. Sanjit Kumar Dash 5 Professor Grace Lawrence
6 Professor Nimisha Mishra 6 Professor Prabakaran V.
7 Professor Neema Pai 7 Dr. C. Shyamsunder
8 Professor Garima Sharma    
9 Professor B. Manjunatha    
10 Professor Vankiripalli Ameerbasha    
11 Professor Manasi Latawa    
12 Professor Rani Sharma Agrawal    
13 Professor Shalini Shivram    
14 Professor Vivek Sudhakar Marathe    
15 Professor Chandrasekhar V Singh    
Sl. No Name    
1 Professor A P Rao
2 Professor V.T.Vignesh
3 Professor R. Somasundaram
4 Professor Chandana Jha
5 Professor Bijwe Niraj Vijay
6 Professor Vivek Sharma
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